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Changes with USPS may cause delays
A couple of weeks ago the White House appointed a new Postmaster General who has implemented changes in how the post office operates which is causing delays in mail delivery. 


I presort all of my packages before arriving at the post office. Houston, Houston-area, and out of town.  This helps and is appreciated by the postal workers at my post office. It cuts down on an extra steps and it moves mail quicker through the system.  My Houston customers have been receiving mail next day.

Also, all of my packages are scanned in. I do not leave packages on the counter.  I use USPS scan sheets that have 1 bar code for all of my packages.  The post officer scans that 1 code and all packages are accepted into the system.  It may take 24 hours to update online.

Check you address to make sure that apartment numbers are included.  If you do not receive an email confirmation of your purchase immediately after clicking submit, then in most cases you entered your email address in wrong.  Remember this is the same email address that your tracking information is sent to. 
Be patient.  The planet is basically trash right now, stress is high, patience is low.  Trust that I am doing my part to ensure that you receive your buttons as soon as possible.  

ttyl - Nzingah


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