Where do ideas come from?

 Barbara this is Shirley by Inclusive Randomness

I get this question A LOT! Where do you get the ideas for your buttons?

The short answer:  I don't know.  

The long answer is honestly I REALLY don't know. I have had tons of random ass ideas in my head for as long as I could remember, but I never had the tools or access to get the ideas from my head into a physical product.

At one point I wanted to start a business where people would take me out to dinner and buy me a fancy meal in exchange for me giving them good ideas.  But then I remembered that people can sometimes get on my nerves and trashed that business idea.

But yeah! I get my best ideas in the shower and driving in the car with the radio off.  Have you ever done that before? Drive in the car in silence?  Try it some time.  It really helps to clear all of the BS fog from your brain.  

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