The Juice

I grew up in 3rd Ward (Houston) Texas in the 80s on Kilgore street.  The house that we grew up in is still there.  I drove by once and it looked a lot smaller that I remembered it to be.  Anyway, my best friend Monica lived on the corner and everday her and I used to play outside until the street lights came one.  One of our favorite things to do was to make dance routines to our favorite songs.  Well in 1986 Oran Juice Jones released the song "In The Rain". When I tell you Monica and I had the best routine to this song!! We were even going to convince our mom's to make us constumes so that we could do a "real performace."  The costumes never happened, so instead I made an  Oran Juice button with one of my favorite lines from the song. I wonder where my friend Monica is now? Maybe I can find her on Facebook.  Find the Juice button here. 

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