Facts about Nzingah

Random Facts About Me

1. I have never seen any of the Harry Potter movies. I did read the 1st book last summer but that was it.
2. Dr. Pepper is the best soda on EARTH
3. I have a huge crush on O'Shea Jackson. If you don't know who O'Shea Jackson is, Google him then slap yourself.
4. I love office supplies. Notebooks, pens, pencils, cute paperclips....sigh....
5. I don't own any lipsticks. I am a lip gloss Cherry Chapstick type of gal.
6. I think Country music is awesome.
7. I don't wear heels to work. Ballet flats, Chuck Taylor's, and Gucci loafers are my go to shoes for Monday - Friday.
9. I love to bake peach cobblers, but I am allergic to peaches.
10. Was once chased by a monkey
11. 1st generation American and 1st in my family to vote in a presidential election.
12. I love Michelle Obama
13. Craft geek. I buy real cute scrapbook paper but I don't like to use it because it is super cute. (Silly I know)
14. I can't sing
15. I can quote the lyrics to just about any rap/hip hop song of the 90s, but I can't remember my drivers license number.
16. I can't spell
17. I sometimes use to instead of too.
18. I had HORRIBLE grades in college.
19. Whataburger spicy ketchup is why Jesus wept
20. I like to twerk to the peanut butter jelly song *ayeeee*
21. I am a Baylor Bear #sicEm
22. I think that red velvet is a horrible waste of a perfectly fine chocolate cake.
23. I hate the color pink. Yes I did pledge Alpha Kappa Alpha but not for the colors...ya dig
24. Those gummy bears that come in the gold package.... awesomeness
25. I love my Vitamix
26. Tilapia is the new catfish
27. I skipped #8

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