Squeeze the Melons

Squeeze the Melons

Legal stuff:  First I want to start this post of with a disclaimer. I am NOT a relationship expert so if you do choose to follow my relationship "advise" do so at your own risk.
Non Legal Stuff:
Ladies... I am about to let you in on a little secret. 
Single men are not in the club, not in bars, not at your job. If you live by the motto of " I am going to wait on Jesus to bring me a man" you are wasting your time. Why...because Jesus does not deliver like UPS. I know this for a fact, because the homie works for UPS, and he has never mentioned Jesus in a brown shorts..not never not once. 

Let me tell you where single men are...in the grocery store. That's right...in the grocery store. TONS of single attractive looking guys are right now in your local HEB  just wandering around waiting on a pretty woman to come and snatch them up.
Now before you leave work early and head to your local  Food Town let me break down he 3 different types of grocery store guys.
There are your super bachelors. These guys have Lays chips, steak, and orange soda in their basket. No fruits no veggies, nothing to cook a complete meal, but just enough of the "essentials" to live off of.  Most of them don't have not a damn clue as to what food groups go together..baskets full of PopTarts,   If you are a woman who loves to cook for your guy then the super bachelor is for you.  This guy is begging for a woman to cook him a hot meal (meat and 2 sides).  He will worship you for your cooking skills and will propose to you within a week. (I promise)

Next are your fitness geeks.  Paleo eating, high protein, low carb, no sugar guys.  Usually found in the "healthy section" of your local market or in the meet aisle looking for grass feed beef while drinking a coconut water. If you don't know about the latest protein powders and recovery drinks then this guy is NOT for you.

Guy number 3 is the ladies dream.  Usually handsome.  Shopping cart is full of fresh fruit and  veggies, a few bottles of wine and steaks. This guy may be cooking for a date or just loves to cook. If the wine is a Moscato then yeah he has a date because only women and men who wear European cut slacks drink Moscato.


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